The California Aquaculture Association (CAA) is a member driven aquaculture producers organization, representing aquaculture producers in California since 1983.

Our Mission

The California Aquaculture Association promotes commercial production of plants and animals in aquatic systems to satisfy the needs of consumers for wholesome products that are produced by sustainable means conserving California’s land and water resources.

The California Aquaculture Association provides a forum for producers and industry suppliers to represent the associations commitment to fulfilling its mission including:
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Industry Political Representation
  • Support for Scientific Research and Development
  • Consumer Service
  • Aquaculture Information Resource
  • Primary Food Production Role in California Agriculture
The California Aquaculture Association fulfills its mission by advancing the following major goals:
  • Because of its intimate connection with the environment, the aquaculture industry embraces environmental stewardship as its responsibility to exert a positive influence on environmental quality in California.
  • It provides members with collective representation of the aquaculture industry before federal, state, and local governmental agencies.
  • It promotes scientific research and development programs that enhance aquatic production in an environmentally positive and sustainable manner.
  • It promotes consumer awareness of aquaculture food products in the marketplace that are nutritious, appetizing, and healthy and of aquaculture’s role in recreational fisheries and fisheries enhancement.
  • It provides members with informational outreach activities and with opportunities to conduct meetings and other forums for dialogue among its members and with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and with the public at large.
  • Recognizing that aquaculture is part of agriculture, the association seeks to promote its place in California as a primary food production industry with a vital stake in preserving its land and water resources.