CAA and Santa Barbara Mariculture Requests Comments Supporting Water Bottom Lease Reconfiguration

Santa Barbara Mariculture has requested a lease reconfiguration, to be reviewed by the California Fish and Game Commission pursuant to CEQA guidelines. Public comment will be accepted through February 7th, 2018. We encourage you to submit comment in support of Santa Barbara Mariculture’s request. Comments can be submitted directly to Additional information can be found below, including CAA’s official submitted comment:

Description of reconfiguration, from the Public Notice:

The project would modify the position of the existing 72-acre leased state water bottom through a 26-acre reduction in the deepest portion of the existing parcel and the addition of a new parcel of equal size, sited northwest and adjacent to the existing operations, to create a narrower configuration and a net result of two adjacent parcels totaling 72 acres using the same culture gear to cultivate the same species currently employed. Approximately 25 acres of the current lease area are in continuous mussel and intermittent oyster production using 12 longlines. If approved, the project will result in adding 28 new longlines for a total of 40 longlines across the combined, newly-configured 72-acre lease.


CAA’s official comment:

Support: Reconfiguration of State Water Bottom Lease No. M-653-02

The California Aquaculture Association supports the reconfiguration of State Water Bottom Lease No. M-653-02, Santa Barbara Mariculture.

Santa Barbara Mariculture, a private, family-owned operation, is highly dependent upon the approval of this lease reconfiguration to maintain their business operation. This reconfiguration is requested in an effort to maximize efficiency and yield of Santa Barbara Mariculture’s fishing activities.

With a declining amount of aquaculturist registrations in California, and as California mussel farmers produce only 1% of the mussels consumed in California, it is imperative that we support businesses like Santa Barbara Mariculture and ensure their survival and continued contribution to our state’s economy. The approval of this lease configuration will do just that.

The California Aquaculture Association asks that you support and approve the State Water Bottom Lease No. M-653-02 reconfiguration.

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