FINAL REMINDER: Please Renew Your 2017 CAA Membership

This is a friendly reminder to CAA members who have not yet renewed their 2017 memberships:

If you have not renewed your CAA membership for 2017, we hope you will take a moment to give this your consideration.

We need a voice in Sacramento to represent and fight critical battles for the industry.

Without a voice in Sacramento, the industry will be at the mercy of legislation and regulatory actions that may deny your right to do business and deny your access to the resources that keep your company alive.

We ask that you please continue your support of CAA’s efforts so we can maintain an environment in which you and your business can thrive in the months and years ahead.

We appreciate your membership with CAA and would like to remind you that, as a member, you:

  • Are eligible to vote in CAA elections and other voting events.
  • Are eligible for Director nomination (Producer/Associate members only).
  • Are eligible to attend CAA Board meetings.
  • Are well represented regarding California legislative issues via our legislative advocacy and government relations professionals, who have developed relationships with the Governor, key members of his administration, legislative leadership, and appropriate policy committees.
  • Receive a subscription to the weekly CAA newsletter, which includes relevant industry news and updates.
  • Receive discounted insurance rates from Placer Insurance Agency.
  • Help us in our mission to protect, promote, and grow California’s aquaculture industry.
  • Are eligible to submit posts/articles that will be viewable to all site visitors in our Member Posts section. These publications will also appear in Google news and will be viewable via all CAA social media outlets including our RSS feed, Facebook page, and Twitter. (Producer/Associate members only. Limit one post per month).

To renew your membership, please submit membership dues in accordance with the invoiced amount received. If you did not receive a membership invoice, please contact