California Aquaculture Association Board of Directors Election Results

The California Aquaculture Association would like to welcome and congratulate the newly elected Directors to the Board, listed below.

  • Michael Graham, Sustainable Seafood Technologies
  • Jackie Zimmerman, Skretting
  • Mark Drawbridge, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute
  • Don Crain, Crain Fisheries
  • Cameron Eglington, Bluebeyond Fisheries
  • Greg Dale, Pacific Seafood
  • Gregg Leonard, Freshwater Fish Company


The two-year terms for the above Directors began on January 1, 2017. Listed below is the full CAA Board of Directors roster:


CAA Board of Directors:

  • Michael Graham
  • Jackie Zimmerman
  • Mark Drawbridge
  • Don Crain
  • Cameron Eglington
  • Greg Dale
  • Gregg Leonard
  • Tony Schuur
  • Iva Gaglione
  • Dennis Faria
  • Tony Vaught