What Is Aquaculture And Why Should You Care?

The short answers to the questions in the title are (1) seafood farming, and (2) because aquaculture is the future of food.

Aquaculture is an umbrella term that describes seafood farming in all its iterations, including growing saltwater fish and shellfish in the ocean, and freshwater fish in recirculating systems on land. Aquaculture isn’t new–some methods, like traditional Hawaiian fishponds and oyster farming as practiced in Ancient Rome, are age-old practices. But much of the rapidly expanding aquaculture industry today is thriving on new technologies and techniques.

A Booming Global Industry

That industry is gathering speed throughout the world, especially in Asia. Aquaculture produces upwards of 50 percent of the seafood consumed around the globe, with 88% of that coming from Asia. While the Americas produce a paltry 4.5% of farmed seafood, the U.S. gets close to half of its seafood from aquaculture. Chances are if you are a fish-eater living in the U.S., you’ve consumed this kind of seafood at some time or other…

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