Sonke Mastrup Resigns from California Fish and Game Commission

mastrupSonke Mastrup, the Executive Director of the California Fish and Game Commission has resigned. This resignation is met with sadness from the aquaculture and fishing industry as Mastrup, an avid hunter and abalone free diver, was a supporter of our industry and its members.

Over the past four years, Mastrup has been a valued and effective leader of the Commission, knowing how and when to move items along as well as the legal and administrative steps necessary to ensure un-litigated completion. Masrtup has also shown much skill in balancing the interests of fishing and hunting with those of conservation, a difficult task by any measure.

The California Fish and Game Commission, which includes five Governor-appointed Commissioners, has historically shown a balance between outdoor interests and conservation of natural resources. Recently, however, we have seen a stronger environmental voice from the Commissioner appointments. As such, the absence Mastrup’s voice and leadership will be a significant loss to the outdoor community.

Having had the opportunity to get to know Sonke personally on a few occasions, I can say that he is a vivacious man, passionate about the wonderful outdoor activities our state has to offer and the industries surrounding them. On behalf of the California Aquaculture Association, I am thankful for having met and worked with Mastrup and I wish him well in his next endeavor.


Michael Lee, Executive Director

California Aquaculture Association.