US marine aquaculture growing at 8% per year

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US marine aquaculture is growing at 8% per year, according to a new infographic release as part of the Fisheries of the United States (FUS) report — see the end of the story for a full image.

Aquatic farmers produced 594 million pounds of seafood in 2012, valued at $1.2 billion, according to the most recent FUS report. US marine aquaculture production grew at an average of 8% per year from 2007- 2012, mostly due to gains in marine shellfish production.

The value of total US aquaculture production now equals about 20% of the value of the US commercial wild catch.

The top US marine aquaculture species are Atlantic salmon ($77m), oysters ($136m) and clams ($99m). While thriving shellfish industries can be found in all coastal regions of the United States, the Pacific Coast states produce the most shellfish ($108.5m).

Statistics in the infographic can be found in the 2013 FUS report, which NOAA Fisheries compiles as an annual snapshot documenting the importance of fishing and aquaculture to the nation.