Forbes: Dietary Guidelines Committee Says Eat Fish–Including Farmed

While the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recently made headlines for factoring in a food’s sustainability as they debated what should be included in a healthy diet, one section of the DGAC’s Scientific Report (a precursor to the final guidelines) reaped little press: what the committee recommends when it comes to a healthy diet and farmed fish.

“A moderate amount of seafood is an important component….and has demonstrated health benefits. The seafood industry is in the midst of rapid expansion to meet worldwide demand. The collapse of some fisheries due to overfishing in the past decades has raised concern about the ability to produce a safe and affordable supply. In addition, concern has been raised about the safety and nutrient content of farm-raised versus wild-caught seafood. To supply enough seafood to support meeting dietary recommendations, both farm-raised and wild caught seafood will be needed.”

The report is a clear nod to farmed fish, a food with which Americans have had a complicated relationship, yet one they need to reconcile if they want to keep fish on the menu…

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